This included numerous state of the art kitchens and food preparation areas, with a revolutionary world first bespoke C02 refrigeration system. In addition they designed and installed; extensive cold stores, staff dining areas, laundry area, spa juice bar, the Regent Street Cafe, a Business Pantry, 8 housekeeping areas and 5 room service pantries. They also worked closely alongside David Chiperfield Architects to design all bar areas with unique bespoke C02 compatible refrigeration with one bar being manufactured to an ellipse designed to fit tightly behind a steel beam formed in a shipyard.

C&C installed a world first of its size C02 refrigeration system, serving over 45+ refrigeration units and coldrooms within the hotel. This system is 40% more efficient than traditional refrigeration systems with a pay back in energy saving of 2 years. The system also as a heat recovery unit fitted which has allowed the hotel to reuse the heat gain to partly heat pool areas.

This project presented C&C with many challenges, one of the main being that the client and main decision makers were based in Israel. This led to many overseas conversations to ensure C&C were working to their exact demands and requirements. The main team of contractors were also from overseas leading to great difficulty in communication onsite, which C&C as with any issue, overcame. The location of the project was also testing. Cafe Royal is situated in Central London, this made the logistics of transporting equipment and access extremely hard.

Deliveries to site had to be booked in advance in extremely short time slots due to the proximity of Piccadilly Circus. Vehicles were reversed to the rear of Regent Street into a specifically designed cordoned off area. This was a massive task due to the sheer volume of equipment and numerous other contractor deliveries.

Half way through the project in March 2012 the Thames flooded submersing and destroying the internal workings of the bespoke refrigeration system unit. C&C had to work around the clock to manufacture and remake a duplicate unit but redesigned into sections for access.

Cafe Royal appointed their head chef just as the Ambach cooking suite for the main kitchen was finished and ready to despatch from their factory in Italy. He required changes to the suite and C&C were responsible for some rapid redesign work and drawing submittals together with an expedient remanufacture. The suite was delivered in just 3 weeks from being redesigned by Ambach.

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