This London office servery and kitchen project, undertaken by ISG and working with Tricon as the foodservice consultant, aimed to provide new equipment and fit out to the servery, kitchen, and coffee bar on the eighth floor for a prestigious London client. The project ran from December 2022 to August 2023 and involved several key challenges and collaborations.

Main Equipment Suppliers

1. Proline: Chosen for its high-quality commercial kitchen equipment, Proline products were incorporated to ensure the functionality and durability of the renovated kitchen.

2. Essex Fabs: Essex Fabs contributed custom-fabricated components, adding a bespoke touch to the servery area and enhancing its aesthetics.

3. Ambach: Ambach’s innovative kitchen solutions played a vital role in upgrading the kitchen’s cooking and food preparation capabilities.

4. Hobart: Hobart’s commercial dishwashers and other equipment were selected to maintain the highest hygiene and efficiency standards in the new servery.

Work Areas

The project primarily focused on the new fit out work to the Level 8 servery, kitchen, and coffee bar. This involved working to the agreed design, and manufacturing and installing within the programme that was set by ISG.  The coffee bar in particular had some very detailed stone build up edges, and close coordination with the joinery contractors to achieve the desired finish in the surrounding areas. 


One of the noteworthy challenges faced during this project was the need to overcome tight program constraints caused by some supply chain issues experienced by the builder.  Despite these obstacles, the project team rose to the occasion and implemented effective strategies to mitigate delays and ensure the successful completion of the project within the stipulated timeline.


The project commenced in December 2022 and was successfully completed in August 2023. This eight-month timespan included planning, design, procurement, construction, and final commissioning phases.

Client Satisfaction

Working closely with the ISG team on this project was a rewarding experience. Their project team consisted of both new members and individuals with whom we had collaborated previously. The synergy among team members contributed to a smooth and efficient project execution. The end result was a testament to our collective commitment to delivering a high-quality renovation that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

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