Sales Director Peter F joins webinar for #thegogreendebate

C&C Catering Equipment Ltd’s Peter Farrell was delighted to have been invited to join Gram’s latest webinar discussing the recently introduced EU Ecodesign directive in the foodservice equipment industry.¬†Understanding that the launch of the directive will raise many questions for operators, distributors and manufacturers alike, the Go Green Debate aimed to address some of the key operational issues around the directive.

C&C’s Peter joined Mark Kendal and Richard Smith on the panel, which was headed up by Glenn Roberts. The discussion covered many aspects of the EU Ecodesign Directive for approximately one hour, with questions put forward from viewers and interested parties. Conversations covered questions concerning cost implications of the directive, who will be affected, and the impact it will have on future purchasing decisions.

Sales Director Peter Farrell commented, “It was a pleasure to take part in The Go Green Debate and interesting to discuss many different areas surrounding the EU Ecodesign Directive. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the panel, and hope that the debate was interesting and informative for the wider industry.”